January-Early February Update

Here is where I stand on my goals:

  • 99% in all my sciences
  • 94% in my maths
  • Next semester is starting tomorrow that means I’m starting my sciences and math!

  • Get accepted for university
  • Still thinking next year.

  • Get a job
  • After the big trip…

  • Get my Drivers license
  • Big news on this one. I got driving lessons for my birthday! 3 driving lessons down and both class sessions done. Ty God.

  • Start Regular D&D Games
  • This is going to happen eventually

  • Become a black belt in Taekwon do
  • Start going to other Taekwon do clubs regularly
  • I went to St-Albert last monday that is a start.

  • Learn Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript
  • Learn C/C++, Assembly
  • Practice Socket based programing, GTK+ (GTKMM) and OpenGL
  • Joined a programming group goals are to make video games. Did a few exercises except my computer has not been working for a month. Now it is working again so I should be able to program more.

  • I would also want to learn to use Arduino (Ethernet Shield anyone?)
  • No Arduino yet unfortunately.

  • Have fully migrated to linux
  • Wish there where more games like Battlefield 3 for linux. Only thing holding me back

Other news. Computer finally works again as a result things to expect:

  • More blog posts
  • More ranting
  • More coding

Unfortunately this means I will mean I will be spending to much time on it…

Continuing on, I have read The Night Angel Trilogy awesome series.It is an adult book so they are liberal about sex lots of prostitutes however this is NOT an erotic book. Just felt I needed to mention that. Also this story everything is related it is actually quite cool. Also I am considering going to WYD 2013. Until next time I am signing out.