Four and a half year update…

Well it has been 4 and a half years since my last update and I got a whole lot done.

A reminder of my goals:

  1. 99% in all my sciences
  2. 94% in my maths
  3. Get accepted for university
  4. Get a job
  5. Get my Drivers license
  6. Start Regular D&D Games
  7. Become a black belt in Taekwon do
  8. Start going to other Taekwon do clubs regularly
  9. Learn Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript
  10. Learn C/C++, Assembly
  11. Practice Socket based programing, GTK+ (GTKMM) and OpenGL
  12. I would also want to learn to use Arduino (Ethernet Shield anyone?)
  13. Have fully migrated to linux

The results!

  1. 89% Bio, 94% Physics, 96% Chem
  2. 94% in math. 93% in Calc
  3. Almost finished univeristy
  4. Had a few those
  5. I’ve gone through a few cars
  6. No D&D
  7. Got my first degree black belt
  8. I did train in Grande Prairie for a bit
  9. Python Check! Ruby Kinda. PHP Check! Javascript, What is there to know?
  10. Check/Check++ Aheck!
  11. I’ve done some client server applications, GOBJECT is weird. Graphics aren’t fun
  12. Got one! Don’t think I would ever use the ethernet shield. I would use a Rasberry Pi or Beaglebone Black
  13. Done. Done and done.