Update: End of the school year

Hello everyone.

So let me start  by whishing you all a get nice warm summer filed with lots of joy.

So let me start with my grades. I finished math, physics, chem with a 90% ans bio with an 89. Final exam wise it was a 98%, 98%, 90%, 89%.

To add to my list is grade 8 piano and theory level 2.

Programming wise I am dropping python and PHP for now. Honestly I do not like how PHP works because it is too web centered. I have to say however it has its merits. I am keeping Ruby because of Ruby on Rails. I find it interesting how everything  in Ruby is an object. I would also like to learn lua to embed scripting into my programs.

C++ library whise I am looking at the networking portion of SFML, OpenCL and c++ 11 threads because they look interesting as well.

Unfortunately however I have not been doing much programming because my computer is still broken.

Other news I got my car and a job. I got a 1999 turquoise civic for a cat and I got a job through the RAP program in electrical. I am now working for Peco Electrical and it is really fun, interesting and new. I have to say that I have had only 3 days pc work.