Taekwon do update

Hello again,

As promised I got good news, Monday I tested for my Red Belt. Guess what I passed with a 89%. Let us just say I did the same mistake six times and as a result I lost six points. Can’t really complain however I did a good job.

Anyways the testing was fun I broke a pine board with a punch and then I broke two with a kick. It was fun however I came home with scratches.

Sparring was a different however I still had fun. So I was sparring someone I have never sparred before and I guess I had intimidated her during my patterns so she always stayed away from me. I was forced to use a lot of long kicks and I would leave myself open (I guess). All that needs to be said is that she got a good turning kick on my chin. Thank God I was wearing a mouth guard.


Goals Update

Hello everyone.

Today I’m posting to tell everyone what I have accomplished up until now to reach my goals and what I’m planning on doing.

My goals:

  • 99% in all my sciences|No science classes yet
  • 94% in my maths|No math classes either
  • Get accepted for university|Next year maybe
  • Get a job|After the winter break
  • Get my Drivers License|Need to practice more
  • Start Regular D&D Games|After Christmas?
  • Become a black belt in Taekwon do|I got news worthy of it’s own post.
  • Start going to other Taekwon do clubs regularly|After Christmas
  • Learn Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript|I have watched about 4 courses on MIT’s opencourse website about python.
  • Learn C/C++ and Assembly|I have written a basic calculator
  • Practice Socket based programing, GTK+ (GTKMM) and OpenGL|Read the documentation on the official website
  • I would also want to learn to use Arduino (Ethernet Shield anyone?)|No arduino yet 😦
  • Have fully migrated to linux|I got Ubuntu installed.

I’m going to be cleaning up my computer one day during the break going to be setting up Ubuntu and Windows 7 like I have right now. Reasons why: I badly partitioned my HHD so now I am stuck with 28 GB of space in my Windows Partition and I suspect I might be getting one or two video games for Christmas.

Hello world!

Hello everyone. Just here to say hello.

This blog will be the blog of the evolution of a nerd.
I will start as a lowly High School Student that will graduate in 555 days.

My goals:

  • 99% in all my sciences
  • 94% in my maths
  • Get accepted for university
  • Get a job
  • Get my Drivers license
  • Start Regular D&D Games
  • Become a black belt in Taekwon do
  • Start going to other Taekwon do clubs regularly
  • Learn Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript
  • Learn C/C++, Assembly
  • Practice Socket based programing, GTK+ (GTKMM) and OpenGL
  • I would also want to learn to use Arduino (Ethernet Shield anyone?)
  • Have fully migrated to linux